(Director / Editor / Camera / Slash / Actor)

James brings 5 years of professional film and television to The Inebriated Kitchen's table (along with a bottle of Courvoisier). When he is not busy filming, editing, starring, and carrying the Inebriated Kitchen, he works as the Director for Film and New Media at Insomnia Creations.

In his spare time, James explores Manhattan, drinks beer and sake, and likes to meet new people. He can often be spotted at bars like Rodeo Bar, and Fiddlesticks.

(Creator / Producer / Chef / Dreamer)

Dave brings very little to The Inebriated Kitchen. He is currently enrolled in culinary school and brings 5 years of Tequila domain expertise. Dave is responsible for raising funding to ensure the success of the show. He is also an aspiring writer, which explains his love for alcohol.

He can often be spotted at bars like Idlewild, Coffee Shop, Ace Bar, Bellevue, Fiddlesticks and 1 step away from any 12 step programs.

(Chef / Actor)

Ronen brings many years of food and beverage appreciation to The Inebriated Kitchen. He is constantly seeking out new ideas in culinary combinations to pile onto plates, and with which to fill his friends' bellies. His latest efforts in this realm are geared towards satisfying the needs of The Inebriated Kitchen's menus, to which end Ronen has the fabulous opportunity to add one of his favorite substances to all sorts of foods, namely: alcohol.

He can often be found at bars like Off the Wagon, Fiddlesticks, The Room, and Terra Blues.

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