is dedicated to the culinary education of the finer manhattan alcoholic. While our dishes have many ethnic influences, all of our cuisine is bound together with the love of alcohol. We are not classically trained chefs. We are not a product of a multi media conglomerate stimulating your taste buds in an attempt to turn the base need of sustenance into raging consumerism.

We will dismantle the ivory tower of the culinary world one tablespoon at a time. The formula to our success:

This is independent television. This is your brain on thought.

See what the critics are saying:
"I don't think this is the best use of your time."
-- Anonymous Family member, 'M*m'.

"A Culinary Tour De Farce. A testimony to the triumph of spirits!"
-- Randall Stevens

"Whoaaaa Nelly!"
-- Ethan, Roommate.

"Something obnoxious"
-- The James Goatee Foundation

Our television show aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) on:
Time Warner: 57 (69 without cable box)
RCN: 109 (112 without cable box)
every Sunday at Midnight (*).

(*) Given the aforementioned core audience of alcoholics, we find it prudent to mention that Sunday at Midnight was actually the minute after 11:59PM on Saturday. Watching MNN on Monday at Midnight will have had you watching something else, like ugly naked people, or amateur professional wrestling. The Inebriated Kitchen is not responsible for any visual information that you absorb while watching television, so please use extreme caution.

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